San Diego is booming in the vacation rental business. People are grasping on to the idea of investing in properties. So much cost goes into the buying and the renovating and/or repairing the house. This leaves little to furnish the house and even more so, furnish it in a way that will photograph well and make it attractive enough for potential short term and long term renters.

Interestingly, we worked with the property managers who had one vision and the client who had another. To add to the design challenge, we were working with a house, though in close proximity to the shoreline, it came with quirky design elements that did not cohesively blend with the Spanish architecture nor did the flow together from room to room. The client did not want to spend exorbitant amounts on major renovation.

She looked to us to do what we do best. That is to divert the eye from outdated French Provincial tile on bathroom floors and ill placed green granite in the kitchen to create a bigger focus on the comfort and modern classiness of a space that is going to provide memories for guests that will reside there.

She looked to us to do what we do best.

The weight of this project, for the client, went beyond staging the house. Supplying the kitchen with all the utensils and appliances and towels for a maximum of 8 guests became daunting for her. A&B Lifestyles want to do whatever we can to lessen the workload, maximize your time and make whatever deadlines that are placed before you.

In the end, A&B Lifestyles had a happy client, happy property managers and so far happy renters.