After: Workspace reorganizedAfter

Two working parents. Three kids. One desk. One desk in the family room where they entertain their friends. An eyesore for a family that loves to entertain. This mom felt overwhelmed and wanted to “want” to sit at her desk.

There is nothing wrong with a room that multi tasks. Your office can be in the dining room, bedroom, or as mentioned here, the family room. The challenge then is to keep it organized and clear of clutter. Otherwise it becomes a distraction from the main purpose of the room. Paper was the problem here. People who are filers may file just get it out of the way. Out of sight, out of mind as the old adage goes. When space is limited, filing turns into piling. then piling becomes stacking.

There is nothing wrong with a room that multi tasks.

We helped our client create a system of what to do when any paper arrives at her desk whether it’s her daughter’s drawing from school or the mail she just brought into the house. The couple also said “we know we need a bigger desk but we are not ready to get one yet”. A bigger desk? Human instinct will be to fill that desk to the max. However, lo and behold, there was more space in that desk than they ever anticipated.

Now she “wants” to sit at her desk that has room for a plant, a cup of tea, AND (just maybe) a place to put that drawing.